How to Be a Great Boss

This month I’m highlighting a great book that I just finished reading on leadership entitled “How to Be a Great Boss” by Gino Wickman. It’s an easy read and extremely practical. For those of us out there who manage people, it’s a must read.

Doesn’t it seem like a good majority of people dislike their boss (and that’s putting it nicely)? I seldom hear people praising their leaders or rejoicing in upper management. Just in my industry alone, the oftentimes impetus to become a realtor in the first place is to escape ever having to work for a boss again and become one’s own.

So, what’s really the issue? Are people just too hard to please these day? Maybe. But I am more convinced that many bosses are not leading well because of a lack of understanding of what takes to be a great boss in the first place.

Wickman refers to this as the “GWC” of being a great boss. A great boss must get it, want it, and have the capacity to do it. “Getting it” is grasping at a high-level what people management is, “wanting it” is having the passion to lead well, and “capacity to do it” is the emotional, mental, and physiological reservoir to execute on a daily basis. Without GWC, it is impossible to be a great boss.

John Maxwell is fond of saying that before you touch people’s hands you must touch their hearts. Leveraging people to accomplish great things is a sine qua non. It’s an essential. But leveraging people without simultaneously pouring into their lives, raising them up, and truly caring for them is a huge fail and possibly the chief reason why some bosses fail to achieve greatness.

There is so much more covered in the book -more than I can address here. So please read it! You’ll enjoy the easy and valuable read!

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