Nick Has The Buyers!

Your Home SOLD at a Price Acceptable to You, GUARANTEED or I will Buy it!*

The Nicholas Ryan Team GUARANTEES in writing, that your home will sell at a price acceptable to you or The Nicholas Ryan Team will Buy it!* No Gimmicks.



We sell our clients’ homes for an average of 3.3% more money compared to the average area agent. On a $500,000 home, that’s an extra $16,000 more money in your pocket.
(*Based on MLS List to Close % Jan 2021- Feb 2023)

The Nicholas Ryan Team has the BUYERS!

The Nicholas Ryan Team has the BUYERS!

We have 13,000+ buyers in our database who have looked for a home in the area. It is likely that the buyer for your home is already in our database - Your home may already be sold!



We sell our clients’ homes on average in only 23 days while the average area agent sells theirs in 39.5 days.
(*based on MLS list market to contract)

Your Home is More Likely to SELL!

Your Home is More Likely to SELL!

Not only do we sell our clients’ homes for more money and faster than the average area agent, but your home is also more likely to sell. Our homes are 32x TIMES more likely to sell than the average agent.

Want to discuss how The Nicholas Ryan Team can Sell Your Home Fast & for Top Dollar? Call The Nicholas Ryan Team NOW at 312-361-8288!

*Conditions apply, give us a call for the details

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The Nicholas Ryan Team have over 13,000 Buyers in their database and may already have the Buyer for Your Home. This is through an exclusive program.

These buyers are READY To BUY NOW! The truth is that The Nicholas Ryan Team have started marketing for your home, before you ever contact them! They don’t sit around and wait for you to contact them, then start marketing for buyers for your home, they already have the buyers!

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Client Testimonials

Getting under contract for a property that already had an offer!

“Coming into this property, we had an extremely long shot of actually closing on this house. It was under contract and we toured the place, fell in love with it and we came to Nick – I bothered Nick. I said this is a tough and frustrating job. I know exactly who to call. I know we’ll take this on. We had to have it and Nick said – and I quote it’s under contract, but if you guys have to have it, we’ll get it”

Sold for $15,000 Over to One of Nick’s Buyers

Christine and Johnny listed their home with the Nicholas Ryan Team and had 100 people come to the open house. They got a total of 14 offers! It was actually a buyer that the Nicholas Ryan Team brought them that won the bid! All this happened in less than a week!

Sold at List Price to One of Nick’s Buyers

“Nick sold my place to a buyer in waiting for more than I would have expected to list it on the open market!”

~ Mike Maczka, Investor

Thoughtful First Buying Experience

“He gets you the answers you need. He is attentive, proactive and he generally cares about your process and making sure that all your concerns are being addressed. So I would recommend Rich to anyone who’s going through their first buying experience in Chicago, 2nd, 3rd to try and build a portfolio.
He’s the man! I’ll definitely vouch for his ability and his, his thoughtfulness.”